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The power of choice


Our choices in life help to shape us into what we are.
These choices tell who we are and the things we hold high in value.

Choices we make cut across the food we eat, the relationships we keep, the places we want
to be and several other things about us.
It is often said that people achieve their bests in life when they have the opportunity of choices before them. It is also noted that people must be ready to accept responsibility for the choices they make.
While it is of advantage to have a variety to choose from, it is also important to understand why you must make a particular choice.  You certainly need to be well informed about a thing before a choice is made.
The power of choice helps people to make, keep and sustain relationships with friends and spouses. It is known that when people establish relationships with those they truly love and appreciate they tend to
be happy always.
We make our choices of foods based on the nutritional information we have, in other to stay healthy.
We are also able to choose not to eat certain foods or consume some drinks when we have the opportunity to make our choices.
It is also true that people work at their best when they are on a job of their choice. They don’t necessarily worry when there are challenges if they have faith in the choice they have made.
The power of choice remains the driving force behind people’s ambitions; people make choices of leadership, of businesses, of careers, of change patterns and lifestyles.
When Fabien and Ozioma decided to get married in July 2010, they had been in a relationship for only two months. Each of their friends thought they were in such a hurry to get married. But Fabien didn’t think so.
Although Ozioma expressed some worry, Fabien was not concerned because he was sure of the choice he had made. 
The couple has been married for over three years now and the union has been most fantastic.
You can only live your best life with the power of the choices you make today.



  1. Myne says

    Very true, I like that story of Fabien and Ozioma 🙂

  2. onepageafrica says

    So much Myne! Life's like that, and it is good when people are confident of their choices.

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