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Etisalat Launches ‘Mobile Assistant’ For Improved Business Life

L-R): Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans;
Director, Business Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Lucas Dada and Chief Finance
Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Andrew Kemp, during the Etisalat Mobile Assistant
Press Conference, held at Four Points By Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos, on
Thursday, August 1st.

L-R): Director, Business Segment, Etisalat Nigeria,
Lucas Dada; Manager, Business Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Angela
Okeke; Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans and Head,
Business Market Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Bidemi Ladipo at the Etisalat
Mobile Assistant Press Conference, held at Four Points By Sheraton, Victoria
Island, Lagos.

(L-R):  Director, Business Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Lucas
Dada; Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans and
Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Oluwole Rawa, at the
Etisalat Mobile Assistant Press Conference, held at Four Points By Sheraton,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Business Executives in Nigeria can now achieve
improved productivity with less stress by using the latest innovative service,
‘Etisalat Mobile Assistant’, which was launched by Etisalat on Thursday, Aug.1,
2013 in Lagos.

Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Steven
Evans, said the Etisalat Mobile Assistant was developed to give valuable
benefits to business executives who needed to manage their business calls
seamlessly, using their assistants.

He said, “This unique service allows busy executives
to work with their assistants, to work smarter, manage their time effectively and
achieve better results.”

Mr Evans said Etisalat realized the importance of
helping their customers succeed and so, provided them with the right products
and services to achieve this.

said with Nigeria’s ranking as the second biggest mobile phone users in
Sub-Saharan Africa market, and the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)
statistics stating that there are 113 million active users of the mobile phone
service, Etisalat remained committed to the quality Key Performance Indicator
(KPI) set by the NCC.

Director, Business Segment, Mr Lucas Dada, said the service would give users
mobile efficiency, enable them attend dual business meetings with less stress
and always be available.

Mobile Assistant allows the user a lot of convenience and helps achieve
efficient time management.”

the mechanics of this service, Dada said, “When a call comes through to your
mobile, it can be transferred to your assistant’s phone. Your assistant may be
able to handle the call for you thereby freeing up your time.”

 He added that Etisalat had designed the
service to enable the assistant or secretary pass the call back to the
executive depending on the importance of the call by performing a mid-call
transfer simply by pressing the star (*) key. 
to him, this service comes with three unique options including; Timed Assist,
Live Assist and Control Assist, designed to suit individual preferences. With
the Timed Assist, either the executive’s or the assistant’s phone rings; after
a configurable time, if the call has not yet been answered, the other phone
also rings. The Live Assist enables both phones to ring simultaneously until
one of them answers the call. For the Control Assist, the
assistant’s phone only rings if the executive rejects the call.
described the Mobile Assistant as a network service that works regardless
of mobile phone sophistication, and that the assistant’s phone could still ring
if the executive’s phone was switched off.

of Business Market Segment, Mr Bidemi Ladipo, said the service was for every
business person who did not want to miss their important calls.

added that prepaid customers should dial *350# to activate the service, while
corporate customers would have to call the corporate sales team for assistance.

said the service would be available at the rate of N750 monthly and that for
promotion purposes, corporate customers would enjoy a three-month free trial

customers of this service, Ladipo said they would enjoy greater efficiency,
improved quality of life, increased accessibility, flexibility and convenience.

  1. Aniwura Omolayo says

    The part I like about this product is the 'time management' possibilities… phew, finally! … will check this one out.

  2. Eya Ayambem says

    Second best?? I always thought that Nigeria is the best when it comes to mobile Phone users in sub Saharan Africa. Anyway, now I know.

  3. Aniwura Omolayo says

    @Eya: I'll go with Etisalat Nigeria as Number One, any day!

  4. financial services companies says

    Thanks for all your comments, it gives me the idea about to understand business management and development services companies.

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