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Amazing World Of A Three-Year-Old Nigerian Child (A Photo Exhibition)

Onafujiri taking a photograph of one of his sisters

Master Onafujiri  Remet is just three years old, and come June
8, 2013, he will be exhibiting the best of his photography  collection to the world at Terra Kulture  on Victoria Island, Lagos.

He is healthy-looking, happy and brilliant. He plays
around with his siblings like any child his age will do, yet, he has succeeded
in attracting the world’s attention through photography, to the beauty of his
‘child’s world’.

His age is far from being reflected in what he is
doing at the present with the camera lens. Click! click! click! goes  Onafujiri’s camera as he captures exciting
moments everywhere. And his passion for photography has qualified his family to
pass for an ‘Art House’.

For those who have been following the arts in Nigeria,
it could be recalled that the Remet sisters, Onatteni and Onarietta, older
siblings to this young photographer, made their marks in painting at the tender
ages of 14 and 18 months respectively.

The Remet sisters drove their passion to award-winning
points; they held exhibitions of their colourful collections that earned them
places of recognition through diverse media across the world.
                                         One of the photographs in Onafujiri’s collection

For Onafujiri, 
photo shooting started at age 2, and he has since been enjoying
expressing his passion around the busy city of Lagos.

The proud parents of the Remet children are Pius and
Lilian Remet, who are both professional artists. According to Pius Remet, their
understanding of helping children identify and develop their God-given talents
remains a driving force for them.

Pius Remet believes that the much-desired change in
society should begin with sowing value into the lives of young children by
helping them learn how to engage in creative things.

He said, “Society can only achieve its corporate dream
from the quality of people it has and this starts with the value that we are
able to create in our children.”

The Remets also want other parents to be inspired to give
early parental attention to their children. They believe that many talents in
children have died over time because the parents did not give quality time to
help the children develop such talents.

  1. Molara Brown says

    This is so cute and beautiful…kid has got talent.

  2. Eya Ayambem says

    Some talents are just awesome. That family is so blest and may God continue to protect and make him better.

  3. onepageafrica says

    So awesome a talent I must say. It is very encouragin to parents too. We can help our children become great by awakening their creative ability.

  4. onepageafrica says

    They've got tarlent. I wish many parents will help their children follow good creative steps in life early.

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