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Considerations For Giving A Gift

People give
gifts for different reasons; either to show love or appreciation. When people
celebrate for different reasons too, they receive gifts. While some people
don’t worry about the kinds of gifts they give or receive, others feel quite
concerned about what they give out as gifts or what they receive.

In the
course of a discussion with a friend and a cousin who just received a gift, an
argument ensued that people earned the kind of gifts that they received. It was
also said that the gifts that some people give indicate the value that they
attach to the person they are sending the gift to, but I had thought otherwise
until this discussion arose.

 I had always thought that a gift was something
you received out of the giver’s free will and not necessarily being a reward
for something that you may have done.

the Webster’s New World dictionary definition of a gift as “something that a
person gives because of friendship, thanks, or love or for some other reasons,”
I decided to have a rethink about the qualifications for a gift!

I would give a gift based on the occasion being celebrated, what I can afford
and what would be pleasing to the receiver. But one of the two ladies I was
discussing with did not think so.

It was her
birthday and a male  admirer had sent her
an expensive perfume and she thought that he was being ‘mischievous’ with the
value of the gift. She believed that her admirer got her the gift as a bait to
get her attention.

While my
friend thought that it was not out of context for a young man to send a lady he
admires such an expensive gift, the receiver of the gift thought that such
gifts were only deceitful, because once the purpose for such gifts are
achieved, that is goodbye to it!

that a young mom received a gift of plastic bowl during the naming ceremony of
her new baby, she felt very offended. She said the gift had no value and showed
that the giver did not have regards for her.

the two different situations as reference points, it becomes inherent that
people give gifts based on more personal reasons than others may know.

We didn’t
mean to take it too seriously, but for purposes of checking some facts, we
tried looking at some gifts we had received and those that we had given. Sure,
many times, the gifts were valued based on how closely attached a person was to
the receiver.
Which of  these do you consider in giving a gift?
Social status of the receiver
The level of  your relationship
Just to show appreciation
To serve as an inducement
To celebrate with the person.

  1. Eya Ayambem says

    I go with the first, second and the last. Truth is many people consider one's social status before giving a gift.

  2. onepageafrica says

    So true dear Eya. I think I also follow in your steps. But am worried that the essence for giving gifts is some how eroded. Just my opinion.

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