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What Kathleen Chose To See In Africa!




Kathleen Stafford is the wife of an American Consul-General, Joseph Stafford who served in Nigeria recently. While her
husband served, Kathleen, a trained fine artist, took the opportunity to showcase some of her works at Nike Art Gallery, which she created during their residence in other African countries.
Her collection of art works showed that she had made a clear distinction in her pursuit of the art; her paintings and print-making are done with such  techniques as collograph and collagraph unlike the common lithograph and soft screen techniques used by a lot of artists. I must say that I also appreciate her works done with watercolour; they are very different from the regular watercolour products.

‘Obioma’, one of Kathleen’s works in Nigeria

Women at a market in Abidjan

My particular interest about Kathleen’s works was that she expressed her observations of the people’s lifestyle in those countries where her husband had served.  I see through her work too, that she decided to see the beautiful sides of these
African people as she lived among them. Kathleen has ensured an undiluted documentation of life in everywhere her husband goes for service.
                                                      ‘Three sisters’ artwork of women in Abidjan


Her works of Cote D’Ivoire   were a choice selection showing how fashionable the women are; they take celebration ceremonies seriously, yet the women give in so much to commerce for development. Kathleen got fulfillment associating
her art with those things.
While they were still in Nigeria, Kathleen took her time to observe lifestyles of different people, which she hopes to express
through her works. But she couldn’t wait to express her fancy of the itinerant tailors who do mainly clothes mending for very meagre amounts, just to make a living.
Kathleen looked forward to start work on a new collection to reflect the bubbling social life style of the city of Lagos, not leaving out the splendour that makes Lagos unique.   





  1. Salt says

    I absolutely love Kathleen Stafford's art. I actually saw these pictures 'live' at the Nike Gallery (which by the way is a must visit if you have not been). I think Kathleen was having an exhibition there at the time. You know, I just admired her paintings/drawings and never gave much thought to what you have said above. But you are right. I like my country as seen through her eyes……. Thanks for sharing…..

  2. onepageafrica says

    So nice to know you met with Kathleen. She' a lovely lady who loved to be close to the local people where her husband served. As an art writer, I had the opportunity of meeting her and her husband on several occasions. She's actually having an on-going art exhibition in America. Thanks dear Salt.

  3. Molara Brown says

    Her art is beautiful..she is good.

  4. onepageafrica says

    In fact, the collection is simply amazing! I respect her tarlent for the fact that she does a lot of 'life-size' works.

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