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Ten Cities: Mark of new dawn in public spheres and club cultures

Goethe Institut Kenya is making the city of Lagos rock at the Freedom Park, Broad Street today, as it draws from across 10 cities traversing Africa and Europe, a total of 20 musicians, 23 authors, 10 radio journalists, 10 photographers and one artists’ group to showcase club cultures as it is experienced in their environment.

While music remains a sauce for the relationships that people create in these public spheres and the spaces they make a meaning from, expressions of identities and lifestyles are inevitable.

With plans to create an album from the fusion of local and international sounds, the research aspect of the jamboree will help in gathering vital information about the public sphere and urban space, and documenting the history of club music in Lagos, Berlin, Bristol, Johannesburg, Cairo, Kiev, Lisbon, Luanda, Nairobi and Naples. Radio club music from around these cities will come on live as radio features broadcast by local stations and also available as podcasts.

To get the best of its spice, the unique approach adopted by the programme is to have a broad-based network of curators coordinate their beats, to achieve the intended outlook of the programme.

For the Lagos contribution, radio personality Gboyega ‘Afrologic’ Oyedele is the able curator, while the local musicians include Wura Samba; Jah Device; Duro Ikuyenyo( Agee of Aquarius) and Temi.  DJ stars of the British club scene; Rob Smith and Pinch have been working together with the Nigerian musicians and producing new tracks. These works are co-curated by Berlin-based DJs; Sasha Perera and Andi Teichmann.

It is interesting to see how club music which has its roots in Europe, move into Africa and return back to Europe, but flavoured with a touch of difference with African music. This kind of movement evolves new identities as it answers questions of value from every background it touch.

Besides music as the core ingredient for defining the programme, participating photographers will document the event which will be presented in form of an exhibition in Berlin, as part of a final concert where the local artists’ groups will create an installation in which visitors can experience the urban vibes of three African cities.

Planned with considerations for reach to a global audience, the music albums and books will enjoy an international distribution.

While the young, hip and urban audience is connected with the music and a variety of events, the cosmopolitan audience will be have the feel through exhibitions and conferences.













  1. Eya Ayambem says

    This is interesting Debby, never heard of club music with a touch of African Music. Sounds like FUN!
    Photographers document and present in form of an exhibition in Berlin, those of us over here, how do we get to enjoy that? ahn ahn.

  2. onepageafrica says

    Yes o dear Eya. Not to worry, We'll work it out.

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