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How To Avoid Stress Over Choice Of Wedding Dress

A bride’s wedding dress is always a centre of attraction during the wedding ceremony, so, a bride wants the best selection
for her choice. 
Some brides have had to cry or end up being bitter for not making their intended choices because of conflicting opinions from close friends or family members who may just keep defining  a ‘good wedding dress’  from their own perspectives.  In my opinion, such stress could be avoided if a bride considers these steps:
·      Get a clear-cut picture of your dress choice before embarking on your shopping. 
·     It is important to have a second-place choice in mind, just in case you do not find the exact first –choice.


·       A friend or a sister is enough to accompany you to the bridal shop. Going with many people could be very
distracting, because each person wants to make an overriding contribution.


·     Don’t allow the shop owner make a choice for you, even though they may advice.


·       If you’ll be getting married in a Church, try to follow the prescribed dress pattern if any is requested.
Experiences among some brides have however shown that seeking some kind of approval (informally though) for a dress choice often don’t end satisfactory.
The bride tend to realize that she didn’t really like something about the dress, and end up wearing her dress grudgingly or try to make some adjustments where possible.
In my quest for fact-finding about the problems with making a wedding dress choice, two newly-wed ladies shared their experiences.
Omoye Glory said:  Shopping for my wedding dress was one of the most difficult experiences I had. I wanted
something trendy like an armless dress with all the fine details, but my mother insisted that the dress must not be revealing.
The very many other ‘must nots’ barbed off the shine from the original idea I had for my wedding dress.  By the time ‘we’ have checked like six different dresses, my mother and my baby -sister got on each other’s necks. Thank God that a designer at the shop bailed us out of the trouble and I eventually settled for one that pleased my mother and my sister 50-50. Funny world, I wore the dress down the Aisle, but I wasn’t given the chance to make the choice!
Ingi said: I knew that my Church was very critical about body-hugging wedding dresses and styles that would reveal the breast, so I planned not to violate the rule. But in a bid to get a modest dress, I eventually realised how short three months
was to do the dress-shopping! By the time I added all the suggestions from friends and family to my idea of a trendy and ideal wedding dress, I was very exhausted from the several trips to the bridal shops. After all the wahala, my spouse gave me a shocker when he said that my wedding dress was nowhere near his expectation of what he would  have loved to see me in.  I didn’t involve him in the choice-making stuff, because I wanted him to see me in the dress for the first time on the D-day. That was that after all, I forgot about the dress wahala and enjoyed our beautiful and well-attended wedding ceremony!



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