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A grandmother’s Wish List for Christmas

A neighbour who also happens to be a friend, brought a Christmas-wish note to me yesterday evening. She could not stop laughing as she read the content of the note to me.
She said that her maternal grandmother who resides in Akure sent the note to her through one of her  brothers.
After reading the note myself, I sought her permission to publish it. She agreed immediately, still laughing. 

She was amused because her grandmother wanted to surprise her mother who thinks that she should just be every bit of the 80 years old woman that she is, not really minding her dress sense.  

No way, because this grandma is thinking youthful!
See the note below and make your grandma happy too this Christmas :




  1. Myne says

    I like this old mama youngy like we call our fashionable grandmas. I hope her children allow her to be herself. 🙂

  2. onepageafrica says

    Infact, her grand-daughter is planning a bigger surprise for her, and her own mother. 'lots of embelishments' she called it.

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