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Fresh hope from contemporary street dance in Nigeria

Art in all its forms gives entertainment and engage people effortlessly. Sometimes, it is enjoyment and

satisfaction to the soul and at other times, it is crafted to purposely address issues of societal concerns.

In the case of street dancing, it was an art never considered anything beyond the cheers, pushes and shoving that came with it.  Taking street dancing for the mere expression of what it used to be has changed significantly today, considering the new hopes and inspirations that have emerged from street dance.



The art of street dance was given new meaning when  Akpan Israel, a contemporary street dancer, created his dance stage in Orile, a suburb of Lagos. The highest preparation for the show was just the several hours of rehearsals.


Though there were no special stages mounted and no special costumes prepared but, children  who are resident within the area had high expectations. They longed to partake in the dance of the moment.

Their anxiety for the street dance was not because they had not danced before, but because there were promises seen in the street dance.

The children wanted to be like Israel, the organiser of the street dance who danced his way from the streets

of Lagos, to the seats of nobles in Europe.

Israel had left lasting impressions of dance in the hearts of his fans while he was still in Nigeria, and he has

carried on with it at his several performances in Europe.

It is simply appreciated that Israel worked his way to greener pastures through dedication to a good course he believed in. See why the children want to dance like Israel.

For many of the children, Israel has come back home with a bag full of hope and promises of a better life. He deemed it fit to give back to a society that gave him hope where there did not seem to be any.

A number of the children now appreciate the fact that dedication to a good course helps people  achieve the biggest dreams of their hearts to become great in life.



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