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For the love of country

For The Love of Country:  Chronicling Nigeria’s history of Nationhood
The theatrical performance ‘For The Love of Country’, was another of the Creative Nigeria Project programme by curator, Ferdinand Adimefe, put together to mark the nation’s Independence celebrations. 
Beyond performances by renowned artists to tell the story of a country that has passed through many challenges yet, remains an entity, ‘For The Love of Country’ awakens a consciousness of patriotism in the new generation.
 It spreads out the fabric of society and showed how premeditated biases from different tribes of the country, ravaged the dignity and honour of a land that is supposed to pride herself for her rich cultural heritage and abundant human and natural resources.



From one performance to another, the audience was shown how Nigeria was subjected to regression; her people suffered the devastation of colonialism, and didn’t even enjoy the breath of freedom for long before she was hit by chains of military coups.  

Things fell apart when she woke up to a war that lasted 30 months! It was a problem of leadership, and it degenerated to the loss of more value as hard working farmers walked away from their farmlands in search of where to dig into the wealth from crude oil. 
At different times, Nigeria was left in desolation but because of her resilient spirit for survival, she continues to withstand the tests of times.

As she moves on, her young children who are blessed with diverse talents are encouraged to embrace a new orientation of love for the country, unity of purpose and dedication to work for development and integrity. Her history told in tears and in laughter, all was ‘For the love of country.’


Performing artistes at the event which held at the MUSON  Centre, included:  Onyeka Onwenu, Yinka Davies, Bez Idakula, Timi Dakolo, Crown Troupe, Modele, Praiz, Threadstone, Lala Akindoju, O.C Ukeje, Tosin Martins and many others.









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